Donald Trump


Ashlee Burns and ClaraGrace Pavelka

Donald Trump, republican presidential candidate,  plans to give schools the funding to provide better education and give students a choice in the school they wish to attend. Through Trump’s plan, k-12 students will be able to attend better schools, improving their educational opportunities.

Trump believes that the government should not dictate a child’s education, and students should be given better opportunities to receive the education they deserve. Students currently are forced to attend the school whose district they fall under. Under Trump’s plan, students would be able to attend higher ranking private and public schools, despite where they live.

“Education is important because it sets the stage for knowledge,” senior Mackenzie Arnold said. “I believe if [Trump] does this, people will want to go to school and be able to make an impact.”

Trump does not only plan to give $15 billion in Title-I funds to help educate at-risk students,but give $12 billion to better educate special needs children.

“I believe that the extra money funded by the government would greatly benefit the special needs program at our school in terms of aiding the overall education and mood of the children,” sophomore Brianna Villarreal said.

The funding would also allow the Calallen school district to hire more teacher, resulting more one-on-one learning experience and providing greater opportunities to take hold of their education.

“This will give the teacher a more hands-on, teacher to student relationship and will allow the student to interact with the teacher better and learn more,” sophomore Julia Landivar said. “A good, well-rounded, basic education is key to an informed society.”