Local Walmart Receives Renovations

Ashlee Burns, Staff Writer

Calallen’s Walmart, located off of US-77, is undergoing a store-wide remodel. Construction and updates began in early June.

The remodeling crew is moving quickly so that customers can continue to shop with ease.

Changes to the store include the outdated floors being lifted and replaced by newer tile. While the flooring is replaced, some departments have been temporarily rearranged to provide access for the floor crew.

Also, stock from the backroom has been moved onto the sales floor. Shelves have been built taller to accommodate the additional items.

One of the most noticeable changes to the Calallen Walmart is the McDonald’s area, which has been completely removed from the store. A “refreshment center” is supposed to fill the empty space.

It has been suggested that new, touch-screen keyboards will replace registers’ current manual keyboards, and modern card readers will also be added.

A gas station will be built on the far side of the Walmart parking lot, right off of US-77. The station is currently under construction, but crews are making speedy progress to finish the job.

The renovating at Walmart is expected to last until mid-August.