Man Donates Needed Tools to Art Dept.


Ashlee Burns, Staff Writer

Last year, Mrs. Evelyn Dennis, also known to many as “The Angel Lady” because of her many clay angel figures, passed away leaving her husband Mr. Wayne Dennis clueless of what to do with her many clay and pottery tools.

“I had these things that I didn’t know what to do with,” Mr. Dennis said. “I wasn’t going to use them myself, so I knew I had to get rid of them.”

Mr. Dennis contacted art teacher Mr. Sandoval and informed him that he would like to donate the clay tools to the art department.

“My daughter-in-law suggested I donate the things, since we were trying to figure out what to do with this and what that,” Mr. Dennis said. “I figured it’d be better to give them to someone who could put it to good use, rather than sell the things.”

Some of the tools are desperately needed in the art room, such as a new kiln. Mr. Dennis also donated several of his wife’s molds, which have never before been used by Sandoval’s students.

“Right now we have two kilns, we don’t use one but the other is starting to fall apart. Mr. Dennis is donating his kiln and I’m going to replace the older one with his,” Sandoval said. “He’s donating a lot of molds, and we have never used molds before so our students will be benefiting from this donation.”

Art students are eager to begin using these new tools, as it will provide new and fun ways for them to expand their overall knowledge of art and new art techniques.

“The donation of new art tools to the art department will allow me to expand my horizon and learn new techniques and mediums of art,” TJ Wahlen said. “These will help to expand my skill set and broaden my future.”

Mr. Dennis’ donation of the kiln and molds will help art students develop an experience of different mediums that were not previously available. Students will be able to continue creating great things through the generosity of Mr. Dennis.

“This is a great opportunity and I am truly thankful for this donation,” Sandoval said. “I think it’s awesome that Mrs. Dennis’ legacy will continue to live on through the art of CHS students.”