A Year Like No Other

A quick look back at the gifts and sadness of the school year

India Maldonado

It is finally the last stretch of this school year, 2020- 2021. Graduation is one month away. Many sports are about to come to a halt- achieving many successes and taking blow after blow as they make their way up with the goal to end their season with a win. The school year has been one to remember. It has had its fair share of highs and lows. It has had its fair share of victories and loses. Regardless of the many changes and many obstacles this school year has brought, it has definitely been one heck of a year.
Sadly, the new year brought a very upsetting loss- not only to the football team, but to the Calallen district as a whole. Gabe Cooley, a member of the Calallen High School varsity football team, had passed in early August of 2020 in a senseless shooting. His death definitely took a toll on those of the team and the heart of Calallen. But, regardless of the sad loss, the football team still played with their best efforts. This year’s season went smoothly- the Calallen football team getting win after win, and the season ending on November 27, leaving the team in round three. It was a good season for them, and it was in honor of number 80.
The football team wasn’t the only activity to be successful this year. The Calallen marching band made history and broke many records this year with their show Storm Chasers. The season for the band was not only the longest, but very different from any other season. The band had their first marching competition, regionals, on November 21st and they came out with straight ones taking them immediately to Area on December 5th. After many bands performed, the band not only made Area finalists, but they also dominated and came out on top as Area champions making them qualified to go to State! This was a very emotional and motivating win for the band as on Monday, December 14th the band went to the State and gave it their all as they marched on across the field in the Alamo Dome. The results came out not too long after they performed; the band broke many records that night as they came in eighth place out of the 20 other 4A bands there making them state finalists.
“The most memorable experience this year is probably going to State for marching band. It was fun, and I got to get out of school. I love my band family, so being with them for a day at the Alamo dome for State was the most memorable thing. I remember it like it happened yesterday,” freshman, Isabella Paul, said.
The band has had a successful season this year breaking record after record and making history.
The girls soccer team has also had a very successful season as well almost having an undefeatable season. They recently won the regional finals against Boerne leading them onto round five. The girls have worked extremely hard for this team and they deserve the many successes they have made.
This year has brought many gifts to the students. It has been a good run for sure. The high school made it to the fourth quarter- bringing an end to the school year. Class of 2021 will be leaving after walking across the stage during graduation on May 22nd- a part of Calallen leaving with them.
“ Although I’m excited to graduate and leave this chapter, it’s also nostalgic to think about all of the memories I’ve had these past four years. Overall, I’m ready to move onto something greater and further my education. I’ll continue to reflect on the friends that I’ve made and the way we handled this last year with covid. This year impacted me because although we lost tons of experiences due to Covid, we got to understand how truly important friendships are. It made me realize that as long as we can depend on others, we’re not alone and we can continue to make our own paths,” senior Natalie Contreras said.
This year has made many memories for these students. This year brought experiences that couldn’t have been accomplished without each other. It was definitely not the year we expected.
“ It started off a bit crazy, but it was smooth after that. It affected our child by not being face to face with the teacher and able to really communicate with them,” mother Brandy Thompson said, reflecting on past obstacles.
“ I would call this year something that you’ve never seen. It’s unpredictable with highs and lows and trials and errors. At the beginning of this school year I didn’t think things were in my favor, but I’m just trying to pass my way through. You can never really plan ahead with a year like ours,” Valyssa Noyola said.
This year seemed to have not worked out in our favor whatsoever. But, not only was this year unlike the rest, it was a year with so many new wins and opportunities. This year has made history for many different reasons, only a fraction was mentioned. But, with the end of the year comes many goodbyes. The wonderful class of 2021 will sadly be departing and moving onto a new chapter in their lives. The new class of 2025 will be entering and be shown many new opportunities. Despite the year being nothing like years past, it is still a year embedded on the students. Moving on or not, we are all Calallen and we have got through another year.