A Non-Traditional Take on Valentine’s Day

Don’t forget about all you bring to the table this Valentine’s Day

Valyssa Noyola

February has been a season of flowers and chocolates and of course, romancing. In the school of Calallen, some known organizations participate and sell carnations, flowers, and candy grams. All of the good deeds are not only kind but have come from within the heart. With such good intentions, what are the more sentimental meanings within the hearts of Calallen students?
Ever since January had ended, the long anticipation of Valentine’s Day has run in some students’ minds, and I was one of them. I was the one, an online student who has only stepped onto campus to take a test. Then the name Valentine’s Day makes an appearance, and suddenly my lonesome heart grows lonelier. This may sound pessimistic, but February 14th is dreadful for me.
I watch the other students fall into pairs and have smiles on their faces with hearts in their eyes. I, however, have irritation in my eyes from staring at my computer screen for more than seven hours. Sure, I should show admiration for other people’s happiness, but isn’t Valentine’s Day more than just about hearts and roses. I thought it meant more than asking someone to be my valentine. I wasn’t the only girl who felt this way.
High School students Isabella Paul and Gabbi Morón felt that there was something more in the blissful holiday. Paul enjoys this holiday because she gets to spend time with her dad.
“I like it, only because I get to see and hang out with my dad,” said Paul. According to Paul, this was the only highlight that truly made this day tolerable.
This worst feeling in the world is seeing couples happily romancing when I and others are alone just to watch.
“ I have to see couples being sappy because couples honestly make me happy but sad,” said Paul.
To her it is a bittersweet feeling, the support is honest but the sadness is draining. To me, the second I see a couple I grow nauseous and turn on Taylor Swift to save my heart. Why have a significant other when listening to Taylor Swift is the obvious cure?
Now I have nothing against the lovely and happy couples. To be honest, I am proud of you for maintaining happiness. Good for you! Now do the feelings of what Valentine’s Day means to me, tend to be strong? Yes, that is the nicest way to put it into perspective. Sure, being sentimental is a beautiful thing. Of course, gifts from the heart to someone close is one of the most meaningful things ever. I like seeing joy, but I certainly don’t like it when not everyone can endure the same amount of happiness.
“I avoid happy couples because it hurts seeing others living out your dreams,” said Moron.
One of the most common feelings is seeing others live out what you wish you could have. Dictionaries may call it envy or jealousy. I call it mindless admiration of a couple having what I don’t.
Call it what you want, this day tends to hold different meanings for everyone. Some teens in school might cherish Valentine’s Day because it can be an excuse to re-watch a romantic comedy or to dance around to cheesy love songs. Whatever the case is, whether it leads to a tub of ice cream or a sad mixtape, it is only 24 hours. At least, that is what I tell myself.
Instead of happily gloating about a lovely relationship, pouring out your soul, or lonely problems, you can love yourself. Being true, content with all that I am has always made a smile upon my face. Instead of focusing on what could have been or fairytale problems, the best heart around is my own. No more waiting for a phone call or driving past their street. The best advice I have ever received was to have self-love before giving your love to someone else. Now the word love is quite powerful, but having with yourself is stronger.
I say this with my heart captured in a list of jokes tied with duct tape and locked in a prison cell, Valentine’s Day means to give love. Give love to yourself, a boyfriend, girlfriend, your frog, or even your grandma, but most importantly, share a piece of love to yourself. Face it, giving love to yourself is much cheaper than sending yourself candies and roses. Believe it or not, I have tried. So save your money for something richer, the gift of love.