Science Wing Reactions

Daxton Lopez

The new science wing will be good for teachers to have a new area to teach in, and it will also give other teachers more room, and newer things. It will have better equipment, and newer spaces do labs and experiments that teachers need to do.There will be 10 new classrooms, and there will be a dishwasher in one of the classrooms.There are many excited teachers in this school that will be moving into the new science wing.
”I am really excited because there are going to be 10 new classrooms, and they asked us what we wanted in the classrooms.We science teachers are all very excited for the new wig, but it is going to make more room for new teachers to have extra room,” said Mrs. Burkhart, science teacher at Calallen High School.
The waiting process is going to be the hardest part for the teachers that know they are going to move into the new classrooms.
”The waiting process is going to be hard, but it will all be worth it in the end because we haven’t had a remodel to this school in like 20 years, so it is going to be like a brand new school, but in a new little wing,” said Mrs. Martinez.
The district funded the new project through a bond election in November of 2017, and the science wing passed.They started building the science wing on July 15, 2019, and construction has now been going on for about a year and a half. Groundbreaking held on July 15, 2019.It is going to cost about $10 million for the buildings cost, and $1.5 million for steel structural component at the end for all it will cost about $11.5 million.
The district has also been building the West Intermediate School, which got passed in the same bond as the science wing.The school is going to cost about 17.5 million dollars.The Ag Expansion is also passed in the bond, but there is not a price for that yet.