For Those Who Are Struggling

Don't Lose Your Light; Believe in Yourself


Art By Julian Torres

Alyssa Reyes, Staff Writer

In this world that we live in, it’s very cold. No one ever really knows what we feel deep inside.
Are we hurt? Are we living or dying? Many people have so much pain in their souls from past events.
Through our darkest nights and bright times, we often search for hope. But some quit because they can’t seem to see it through.
Listen to some of my story. The more I try to love, the more I end up feeling worthless and people often take advantage. Ever since then I’ve come to my senses and learned a lot from that. Someone like you who always tries and gives their all, even when others fail to appreciate you, deserve to be given the same energy.
You might often find yourself drained by all the interactions you have with others because they refuse to match your level of generosity.
You can’t keep spreading yourself thin for people who intend to only take without giving back. I hope you find the courage to take back your energy, love, attention and time. I hope you find the courage to break the cycle of giving to other people who only wish to use you up.
Never let others take control of you. Do what is best for you. It’s okay to put yourself first at times when others run and when others can’t stand by you and can’t go through the fire with you.
I’ll shamefully admit that there’s resentment in my heart. I’m trying to forgive, but I’m so damaged from the scars and with no closure there’s no peace of mind. I’ve learned that you have to open up your heart and mind to see what life has in store for you.
There’s a reason that I’m telling you my thoughts and my misery. Every dream you have they can all come true, but you have to learn to love, forgive and let go. If you’re obsessive with resentment, then you can’t grow. You will only grow bitter.
Now I didn’t say it gets better, because it’s your choice. You can make it better even by doing little things. Depression isn’t a choice, but how you view your situations in a positive way or not is a choice which leads to happiness.
If you need help, you can talk to a counselor or a family member who you trust. But don’t suffer alone.