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Students get college acceptance letters

Nataly Castillo

Nataly Castillo

Olivia Colburn, Managing Editor

Steven Garza

Senior year is tough on high school students because there is so much to accomplish: graduation, making sure they have enough credits, and most importantly for many, getting accepted to a college.

“I’ve been accepted to the University of North Texas in Denton,” senior, Steven Garza said. “It’s ranked the first best school in Texas for percussion, which is what I play and the fourth best school in Texas overall for music.”

Nataly Castillo had multiple choices, but she narrowed it down to one.

“I’ve been accepted to several colleges, but I’m committed to going to UTSA, the University of (Texas) San Antonio,” she said.

Quite a bit of thought goes into picking the perfect college to apply to and how it would help further students in the career they want and in life.

“The music program is amazing there, and there’s a lot of esteemed professional level percussionists that come out of there, and a lot of people that write music for movie soundtracks which is something that I want to do,” Garza said.

To get into college, people typically have to take both the Texas Success Initiative test and the Scholastic Aptitude Test. For a community college, only the TSI is required.

“The obvious ones (tests) are the ACT and the SAT, I think those are really important,” Castillo said.

Though Garza applied two days before the deadline for admission, he was notified that he got in before other people who applied because music majors have to prepare an audition piece for the college.

“I felt pretty good about my acceptance because my SAT score is above what their average SAT score (is),” Garza said. “But as far as the music program goes, I think I have an okay chance of getting in. That’s the only thing I’m stressing out about because their music program is so good.”

Sometimes people go to a college close to home, some go to college a couple hours away, and some even go out of state. Some people are nervous to go to college while others are excited.

“I am very excited to go to that college, it is such a beautiful university and while it is far from Corpus Christi, it’s six hours away,” Garza said. “I feel like it’s a great place for me to expand my music career, and break out of my shell and experience new things that I wouldn’t be able to experience in Corpus. Ultimately UNT I feel, is a great opportunity.”

Castillo also believes college is a good opportunity and looks forward to the experience.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to experience something else and be more,” Castillo said. “There’s more people out there (and I can) get to know someone else and a different society.”