Tik Tok Becomes New Trend


Cydni Richard, Staff Writer

Students are using a new social media app called Tik Tok. It has become popular for entertainment, lip-syncing, making new dances and art.

“I think it’s pretty entertaining,” freshman Neviah Garcia said. “It’s pretty fun. A lot of people come up with some really funny skits and jokes and stuff.”

Garcia said she also enjoys the good cosplays and art.

Freshman, Naviah Lopez said that most people just wanted to hop onto the trend, and that it is creating more trends, like new dances and entertainment.

“I’d say it’s a funny website for entertainment and if you’re just bored and need something to watch,” Lopez said.

Garcia said she found Tik Tok because it was becoming a big trend, and that she’d downloaded it as a joke. She says it is mostly for kids and adults ages 14-19, and that there is a possibility to become addicted to it.

“I think I’d recommend it to people, but there’s also a possibility of them being addicted to the app and staying up a bit too late just to continue watching,” she said

Users can upload videos that can be for entertainment, learning, or just motivating others, along with dancing.

“I just watch the videos,” Garcia said. “ I do want to start making Tik Toks but just with art and not showing my face.”