‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Captivates Audiences



Jatai Cunningham, Staff Writer

Known as perhaps the most popular franchise for generations, Star Wars released “Star Wars:The Rise of Skywalker” on Dec. 20 and it was nominated for two Academy awards. It was popular among the fans of the franchise and personally, I was interested in seeing what the hype was all about, so I watched it.
As someone who was only familiar with classics, I was lost in the beginning. I will admit it was a bit scattered since it started right where it left off. However as I kept watching, I eventually got the gist of the story line, and it was phenomenal.
Aside from the story itself, the buildup and placement of the climactic fight scene enhanced the film while keeping the audience’s interest after a long anti-climatic period. The animation and special effects of the more creative characters was also neat due to the detail and effort put in.
The actors also gave fantastic performances because they conveyed plenty of understandable emotion even in scenes where the dialogue got confusing. Daisy Ridley (Rey), John Boyega (Finn), Oscar Issac (Poe Dameron), and Adam Driver (Kylo Ren) made me feel as if I had a front row seat inside the movie itself. The main characters brought the film to life.
Another main person who made the show unique was Carrie Fisher as the role of Princess Leia; most may know that she unfortunately passed in late 2016. This means she wasn’t able to film with the cast of “The Rise of Skywalker”, but she was incorporated technically with the help of old cuts and facial expressions. Truly it was beautiful that she was able to be apart of the film, even in spirit.
Star Wars is a franchise that will always make its mark in history because it truly has impacted multiple people’s lives from all different generations, and I’m confident to say that this film made it worth it; I give it nine out of 10 stars.