Mysterious Netflix Show Intrigues Audiences


Alyssa Reyes, Staff Writer

Most people say there’s not many good shows on Netflix anymore, but the show “You” is an exception. Trust me, “you” are in store for a surprise. It never gets boring because Joe is the main character and he lets the audience know what he’s going to do and makes it interesting and mysterious.
This show is a thrilling ride, and it’s something to look forward to. I really like the show. It gets straight to the point and the story line isn’t hard to understand.
It’s very intriguing. I think it’s a great show to watch if you’re into mystery, horror and drama. The show is amazing all around and shows an in-depth look on how Joe thinks and figures out his plans on how he has to get rid of a challenging situation or someone. It gives you a good insight on what the main purpose is for the show and it can take some extreme measures to get there, but all around it’s just a great series to watch.
Joe gives a creepy vibe, and he is very good at finding ways to hide and get away when he needs to. However, his vibe fades when he is near Beck, his current unrequited love. He tries everything in his power to get close to her. He goes far, such as removing certain people and situations that get in his way. Peach, one of Beck’s wealthiest friends, did her best to protect Beck, which led to a big conflict with Joe. You can watch season 1 and 2 currently on Netflix, but be prepared to set aside a lot of time. It’s a very addictive show.