Peaceful End to Threat of War

Middle East scare defused after airstrike


Junior Chris Wright sounds off about the airstrike in Iran

Jake Million, Staff Writer

On Dec. 29, President Trump called for an airstrike on Iranian military general Qasem Soleimani. The general’s death sparked chaos in Iran. Some Iranians went so far as burning an American flag and an Israeli Flag. More recently, however, President Trump held a press conference and spoke words of peace to help resolve the conflict.

Going further, Trump wishes to increase economic sanctions, and called for new negotiations.

“The U.S. will try to find peace any way they can and not enter war,” junior Isaac Cavazos said.

Shortly after the attack, Iran retaliated with a missile attack on two U.S. military camps. Luckily, there were no casualties and only a few minor injuries.

“I understand Iran’s retaliation because Soleimani’s death impacted Iran,” Cavazos said. “But because there were no deaths, the U.S. should not retaliate back.”

Many people online were making predictions that the conflict could turn into another war. Others felt a less devastating call for action may occur, such as increased military involvement. Some also believed this would calm down and no escalating conflict would take place.

“It will eventually die down because no one wants to enter a war,” junior Chris Wright said.

This threat of war frightened many U.S. citizens, while it didn’t scare others. For people who do not know war, this news may not have put any fear in them, but for those who have family or friends in the military this could’ve been a different story.

“The threat of war does frighten me a little bit,” Cavazos said. “There are people I know who could be drafted, and my dad was in the military and understands how impactful war can be.”

The men and women deployed in the Middle East may be affected by the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, and some of them have family here at home who worry about it affecting their brother, son or daughter.

“Not my immediate family,” Cavazos said, “But I do have a cousin who is a helicopter gunner, who could be deployed in an active war zone.”