Topcats Announce New Officers

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Topcats Announce New Officers

Kendall McCall, Amber Ashworth, Kara Johnson, Reporters

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The Topcats have finished their 2018-2019 dance season and are now going into their 2019-2020 season with all new officers. They and are going to start off the season with technique on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout May. 

“The officers’ main job is to lead the team in the best way they can and to make sure that everything runs smoothly throughout the year,” Coach Rhonda Voorhees said. “I was happy with the officers selected as they all impressed me. They are a young officer group, but they will all grow together.” 

As a new officer for the Topcats, Captain Morgan Hernandez says there are a lot of responsibilities that come with the title. Some of the responsibilities include making sure everyone is ready, helping other officers, and reducing the how much work the coaches have to do. 

“It can be really stressful on Topcats and sometimes you feel like it’s not going your way and your overwhelmed and stressed,” Hernandez said. “If I can help my girls go through what I went through, especially as an incoming freshman navigating through high school, then I have done my job as an officer.”

The Topcats also got a new colonel, Melody Ramos. As colonel, Ramos is learning from attributes of her previous colonels to help her be the best she can be. 

“My freshman year colonel, Cierra Walker, taught me to be willing to help everyone,” Ramos said. “My sophomore year colonel Marissa Hernandez showed me that it’s okay to be sweet but strict when the time comes. This last year was Lauren Gonzalez and with her I took note of her good technique and being friends with everyone.”

Each new officer had to go through a separate audition to become a line member. This audition included making a solo, creating a choreography piece and answering officer-based questions. 

“It took me a while to design my solo and pick out a song that fits the style of dance I chose which was a mix of lyrical and contemporary,” Major Kendall McCall said. “It was really nerveracking walking into a room with people automatically judging you on your appearance and attitude, but I’m really happy I got the major position.” 

This yearTopcat officers are: 

Colonel – Melody Ramos 

Major – Kendall McCall

Captain – Morgan Hernandez  

1st Lieutenant – Isabella Cavazos 

2nd Lieutenant – Emma Arnett