Audio/Video Students Create Film for Class Contest


Billy Wumeburger, Dale Lamb and Brody Ford are filming the movie 'Keyster' for the A/V class contest.

John Bendele, Emiliano Zapata, & Aaron Sullivan, Reporter's

Students in the Principles of Audio/Video Technology class are participating in a contest using what they learned throughout the school year to create a five to 10 minute film. This is a project that broadcast adviser Dale Lamb assigns each year.

“My students are working on a short film on everything we learned this year,” Lamb said. “The students will be using their creativity on making their movie.”

Caleb Keyster is acting in his film for the contest. He is playing a parody of Rocky, but instead of boxing it’s ping-pong. The movie is called Keyster.

“In the movie, I am weak and pathetic in the beginning of the movie just like Rocky,” Keyster said. “Later in the movie, I get a coach and he teaches me the way to play ping-pong.”

Not every student is acting in their film. For example, Chloe Rodriguez is directing her comedic horror film.

“I have been doing the scripting and the idea of most of the work, but my friend Paulina has been helping by filming the movie,” Rodriguez said. “I love telling people what they need to do.”