Calallen Education Foundation Awards Over 48K in Grants


Kendall McCall & Amber Ashworth, Reporters

The Calallen Education Foundation (CEF) and members of CISD administration awarded 12 out of the 14 grants that were applied for by teachers throughout the district. The Grant Patrol visited Wood River, Magee, CMS and CHS on Friday, April 5.

“We awarded $48,866.82 in standard grants,” Executive Director of the CEF Robin Ritchey-Roy said.

The foundation works year-round to raise money from community-based donors in order to make the grant process possible. Teachers must write an application, describing in detail how they will use the awarded money to enhance their students’ learning.

“Every single year I think of things that I can do to make my classroom better,” Magee teacher Jessica Almaraz said. “It is just amazing that [the CEF is] there to always help with that.”

In some cases, the grant money goes beyond helping students within the classroom and extends to bettering Calallen at large. CMS Agriculture teacher Selene Flores says her class will now be able to build small sheds that can be donated to the community. 

We have slowly built more complicated and sophisticated things,” Flores said. “We are going to have an advanced group next year of eighth graders doing a little more than what they have been doing.”

Also at the CMS, band director Nic Goodman is now able to buy new steel percussion instruments from Trinidad thanks to the CEF grant money he was awarded.

“I am very grateful for this,” Goodman said. “We are one of the only steel band programs south of San Antonio. This is going to provide another opportunity for our percussion students to experience music from other cultures.”

The members of the CEF were very happy to be able to hand out so many grants this year. 

“The team works hard all year to raise funds for innovation and creativity in the classroom. Grant patrol makes it all worth it,” Ritchey-Roy said. “We had grant winners crying and students jumping up and down. It means so much to us when it means so much to the teachers and students.”