Topcats Bring Home Five-Time Championship Title


Amber Ashworth & Kendall McCall, Reporters

The varsity Topcats won their fifth national championship at the Showtime Nationals this past weekend at Moody Gardens in Galveston.

They won several awards including: first in their pom, contemporary, lyrical and hip hop.

“I love all of our routines,” freshman Kendall McCall said. “I was so proud when I heard our directors named called and we got to collect our national trophy and take the picture. Being on a team where they have won five years in a row is super exciting and makes me very happy to be a part of it.”

The varsity Topcats went up against three different teams who competed against them in three different categories.

“I was really nervous because I knew there were really good teams just like us and they may have been more advanced in the technique,” junior Meledy Ramos said. “I was also nervous about our formations, but I knew that we were going to pull through and do great.”

Not only did the Topcats win national championships, but they also won first in all of their individual dances.

“We got first in all of our dances,” McCall said. “I was super proud of all of my teammates and all of our hard work that we have put into it to win first in all of our dances.”

Coach Rhonda Voorhees is proud of her team’s accomplishments. 

“My team makes me feel very proud because we have put a lot of work into their dances,” Voorhees said. “Winning is very rewarding not only for me but also for the girls because it gives them something to be proud of.”