Poet In The Making

Kendall McCall & Amber Ashworth, Reporters

As the words unfold, the ink spills out onto the blank paper, unknowingly writing a poem that may just change her life.

Alyson Camplain wrote several poems and typed them on a poetry website. One poem took the owners attention and put it in a poem contest, which she is still currently in.

“I typed up all my poems,” Camplain said. “I found this website called Poetry Nation and it said we do poetry contests, so I posted my poems.”

Unlike other poets, she entered the competition not knowing what she would get out of it. It came as a surprise to know she made semifinals.

“I got a letter saying that I made semifinals,” Camplain said. “Every semifinalist has a chance to get their poem published.”

The emotions came rushing in, when she read the letter. All she could think about was how she was going to be a published poet.

“I wanted to cry,” Camplain said. “I was happy that my poetry was good. All I could say was wow.”

Camplain hopes that her poems help others who are going through the same thing she went through, and inspire them to write too. She will continue to wait and see if she will advance past the semifinals.