Safe and Secure

Police officers on campus protect the district's youth.


Amber Ashworth and ClaraGrace Pavelka, Reporters

The high school had a code orange lock down regarding an outside threat on Monday, Feb. 11. During a code orange, teachers are required to stay in their classrooms, lock their doors, take roll and wait for an all clear to be announced. While students and teachers stayed safe in their classrooms, campus police officers monitored the hallways and outside perimeters.

Employing officers is one of many measures the district has implemented to ensure student safety at all campuses.

“We find that the campus cops are very helpful to us because they have their CCPD radios and they know what’s happening in the area,” Assistant Principal Barker said. “If we can do things here to be proactive, then it’s better and their information helps us tremendously.”

CISD has employed local licensed officers and sheriff department deputies to actively patrol the grounds for over ten years. These officers act as protection in case any potential threat comes to the school.

“We try to have at least two cops here every day,” Barker said. “They help us monitor the building, the outside, the parking lots and in the halls during class time. Just being a presence on campus helps keep order and peace in this atmosphere for learning.”

Director of Operations Blair McDavid says the officers “have been an invaluable asset to the district.”

“This extra capacity has afforded the District with an extra layer of protection, reduced staff response times and heightened our emergency management awareness,” he said.

While the administration and principals have officers to help students feel safe, Barker says they also “socialize with the kids, so the kids know they’re a friend, not an enemy.”

“It’s good to have a rapport with the kids because it puts the students and myself at ease,” Sargent Robert Dorsch said. “They know I’m easy to get along with, but I also will be firm and stern when I need to. It also helps knowing who’s who. I’ve always believed in networking. Students become resources and it has helped tracking students’ pattern of behavior and tendencies.

To continue to be proactive, the high school administration plans to have more drills in the future to prepare for any code orange or code red situations.

“I think things that happen surprisingly are always chaotic, so you have to have the knowledge to react to things. Hopefully practicing those will help us react in a good way to save lives,” Barker said.