Calallen TV Renovates Their Set

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Calallen TV Renovates Their Set

Amber Ashworth, Caleb Newman and Ryan Gonzalez, Reporters

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Calallen TV recently started repairing and improving their set after months of planning. Making new additions, moving around furniture and decorating the new set takes some time but the class is excited to see changes happening.

“Ever since I started in the program I wanted to help and make it better and more professional,” producer Tea Lemay said. “I’m excited for the future of Calallen TV.”

CTV started out as a one set studio and now they have a three set studio.

“I was here for the original set, when we had to turn off all the lights and just sit at a table in front of the CTV logo,” anchor Gracie Wernig said. “To watch it grow from that into this multi-sectional set that we have now is really cool.”

At first, the changes to the studio were uncomfortable for the CTV staff to learn, but the new set will improve the overall appearance.

“It’s taking some time to get used to,” Wernig said. “I think it’s really going to go great for us.”

Calallen TV has chosen to change their show and set to increase viewer attention.

“Complacency is a big problem,” adviser Dale Lamb said. “We get comfortable with what we do, the same thing every day and we know our viewers go through the same thing. So we know that in order for people to keep their attention we have to change things up.”

Catching peoples’ attention is what the class wants to do most. They are constantly changing things up to see what is the best way to broadcast the school’s announcements to the student body.

“They want movement because kids get bored very quickly,” Lamb said. “And when you’re watching the news, that’s why they do all the different segments. So my thought was, what can we do as a crew and staff to make people want to pay attention more and give them something new.”

Although the set is looking great, there are still many additions to be made.

“The set is not completely done,” Lamb said. “I still have many visions for it.”

Lamb would like to thank Ms. Jimenez, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Lynes several CHS staff members for their help in making dream become reality.