Crowning a Queen

County Livestock Show Hosts Pageant


Photo courtesy of Emily McClendon.

Kara Johnson, Aubree Roller and Juan E. Vasquez, Reporters

The annual Nueces County Junior Livestock Show was held earlier this month at the Richard M. Borchard Fairgrounds. The Queens Contest is a big part of the livestock show where 20 high school girls from different high schools compete for the title of the 2019 NCJLS Queen.

CHS junior Emily McClendon placed top five at the NCJLS Queens Contest on Jan. 12 at the TM Auditorium.

“I was really honored to be in top five,” McClendon said. “It was a really fun experience getting to meet new girls and getting to compete at a friendly, competitive level. This year, I was nominated and won Miss Congeniality on top of being in the top 5.”

Judges score the contestants based on four different sections. The girls with the highest score wins the show and gets crowned queen.

“We have an interview before the actual contest takes place,” McClendon said. “Then we have our western wear and introduction, talents, and lastly, we do our formal wear.”

The girls get to know each other and become closer over the livestock show season.

“I think my favorite part of it all was getting to know the girls,” junior Kendall Dusek said. “Because it’s not what you expect. It’s totally different and kinda feels like a team.”

The queen contestants are required to participate in the livestock show events such as the horse show and parade.

“My favorite memory was probably the Peewee Show,” McClendon said. “All of the queen contestants help out with a show for little kids, and it’s always fun getting to see them show just like the older kids.”

The girls said the contest was nerve-racking at first, but in the end, it they all said it was an amazing experience.

“I was especially nervous for giving a speech about the livestock show as my talent,” Dusek said. “At first, I didn’t know how it was gonna be [being my first year], but then when I got into the it, it was pretty exciting. It is a really good experience to have.”