Student Makes All State Choir


Gracie plans to continue singing in choir in college, and she hopes to perform in an opera.

ClaraGrace Pavelka, Editor In Chief

After six months of vocal practice, senior Gracie Wernig won fifth at the state qualifying choir competition.

“They called my name and I just started crying,” she said. “I don’t even remember who they called after that or what they said because I was just sobbing happy tears.”

The top eight students from the competition will advance to the prestigious Texas Music Educators Association Women’s All State Choir on Feb. 16, which means Gracie will sing among the top choir students from the state. She is the first student to do so since 2017 graduate Trenton Floyd.

“This is the highest accomplishment for a high school choir student and it has been several years since a Calallen student has achieved this honor,” choir teacher Holly McCauley said.

Gracie has aspired to be apart of the All State Choir since freshman year.

“I remember when I had Ms. Woodberry freshman year,” Wernig said. “She would make us write daily objectives and then objectives for the whole year. She would always make me write, ‘I am going to make it to state,’ three times everyday.”

Last year, Wernig made top 13, only five spots away from the All State Choir.

“Last year was crazy,” she said. “It made me mad and I was wanting to quit.”

However, Gracie turned her anger from last year’s results into motivation for this year’s competition.

“I was like no. I am not going to quit,” Wernig said. “I worked really hard to make the top eight.”

In between Region in November and State last weekend, Gracie practiced 36 hours with a vocal coach.

“I had never been this prepared for a competition,” she said. “I went in and was like, look if I don’t make and someone beats me, hats off to them.”

In fact, there was a week where she practiced six days in a row.

“I thought I was going to die,” Wernig said. “My voice was so tired.”

Gracie looks forward to the All State Choir on Feb. 16, 2019.