5 Things To Do In Corpus Christi During The Christmas Break

5 Things To Do In Corpus Christi During The Christmas Break

ClaraGrace Pavelka, Editor In Chief

With finals nearing and anxiety increasing, students are looking forward to the last day of school on Tuesday Dec. 18 before winter break. We have prepared a list of fun Christmas activities to do in Corpus Christi during the break.

Grab a few friends and look at Christmas lights

Get a group of your best friends and head to Wood River for a look at some of the best Christmas lights found locally. If you are looking for bigger and brighter lights, head in town to Candy Lane or drive downtown to see the huge Christmas tree at Water’s Edge Park on Ocean Drive.

Coastal Christmas at the American Bank Center

The American Bank Center will host it’s annual WinterFest until January 1, adorned with a bright display of holiday lighting, Christmas decor, live entertainment and ice skating. The event is free, except ice skating which will cost $10 for a single person and groups of ten to thirty will cost $7 a person.

Meet some friends for coffee

Take advantage of this cold weather and get a warm cup of joe from your favorite coffee shop. If you are wanting a bite to eat with your coffee, go to Nueces Cafe on County Road 624 or if you want classic holiday flavors go to Starbucks.

Christmas Movie Marathon 

The cold, wet winter is the perfect excuse to stay inside, bundle up in blankets and watch Christmas movies. Some classic movies to watch are the Home Alone series, Elf and The Grinch.

Decorate Christmas Cookies or Gingerbread Houses

Grab a roll of pre-made cookie dough or a gingerbread-house kit, turn on the Christmas music, order some pizza and begin your decorating party. Gingerbread houses care sold at HEB and Walmart.