Spirit Season Starts With A Bang

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Spirit Season Starts With A Bang

Kara Johnson and Kendall McCall, Reporters

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The student body has gathered together to show school spirit at the first two pep-rallies of the year.

CHS students were loud, energetic and entertained by the band, cheerleaders and Topcats.

“School spirit is important because it keeps us going as a whole,” Topcats Coach Ms. Voorhess said. “It helps motivate our student organizations to do their best.”

1,000 CHS students attended each pep-rally; some even dressed in their most creative Candyland and Safari costumes.

“The cotton candy men and the Lifesavers girls were my favorite costumes,” freshmen Luna Rodriguez said.

John Aleman and Carson Radford dressed up as cotton candy men. Carson’s mom and tennis coach, Ms. Radford, made the costumes for the boys.

Even though the senior class won the victory shout, Ms. Dietrich was still shocked with how well the freshmen’s shout was.

“I thought the freshmen class did a really good job with the victory shout,” Dietrich said.

The first pep-rallies made a positive impact on everyone who attended.

“It was so great,” Rodriguez said. “I loved it so much! Everyone was really loud and had a lot of spirit!”