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Hopelessly Devoted

Fan Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Grease

ClaraGrace Pavelka, Editor In Chief

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It’s rare to meet a childhood crush, but for CHS art teacher Mr. Olvera, his dreams came true when he met Olivia Newton-John who played Sandy in the 1978 movie Grease.

“I never thought I would meet her,” Mr. O said. “She is the most beautiful lady in the world.”

Last June marked Grease’s 40th anniversary and Mr. O remembers the first time he saw the movie.

“I was eight years old and the music and the feel of going to school and just being with your clique and having a crush on somebody was just real pure and innocent,” Mr. O said.

Before Mr. O met his childhood crush, he sat in the front row at the Majestic Theater in downtown San Antonio desperately wishing he would meet her.

“I call it the power of intention. I was just hoping I would meet her,” Mr. O said.

He stared at Olivia Newton-John while she performed jumping jacks to her popular song, “Let’s Get Physical.” Before he knew it, she was waving for him to dance with her, so he stood up and started doing jumping jacks.

“I wasn’t going to say no to her,” Mr. O said.

After the concert, Mr. O went to eat at Mi Terra Restaurant. As the waiter was leading him to his table, he turned around to see Olivia Newton-John standing there talking on her phone. Gasping, he walked toward her. She asked if he was the guy who was dancing with her on stage.

“Yeah that was me!” Mr. O said.

They took a picture and she gave him her autograph. Mr. O could not believe that he had finally met his childhood crush, Olivia Newton-John.


Mr. O meets his crush, Olivia Newton-John, in Mi Tierras in downtown San Antonio.

“I was like wow. I was excited to see her especially since I have watched this movie [Grease] since I was eight years-old. I even have the record,” Mr. O said. “I never thought I would get to meet this lady! I thought it was the coolest thing in the world.”

On a different occasion, Mr. O was in Las Vegas and he saw Olivia Newton-John for the second time. Unknowingly, he was sitting by Doody and Putzie, two T Birds, during the concert.

“These guys were sitting right next to me!” Mr. O said, “I didn’t even know the whole time.”

Mr. O discovered that he was sitting by the T-Birds because Olivia Newton-John thanked them and asked them to stand up during the concert.

After the concert, Mr. O talked to the T-Birds and proudly took a picture with them.

Mr. O at Olivia Newton-John’s concert in Las Vegas. He poses with two T-Birds, Doody and Putzie.

“They said I was a T-Bird! I know I am a T-Bird because I have a picture with Sandy, Doody, and Putzie, and I put my arm around Sandy,” Mr. O said. “John Travolta had her arm around her and now I had my arm around her.”

Mr. O can remember when he used to dance on top of his parent’s car just like the T-Birds. Now that he has met two T-Birds and put his arm around Sandy, there’s just one more thing on his bucket list.

“It was the best night of my life,” Mr. O said. “All I need to meet is John Travolta.”

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