Shining Senior

Art Student Excels at CHS

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Shining Senior

Hannah Morris, Reporter

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Imagine a room bursting from the seams with color. Covered wall to wall is an innumerable amount of paintings, drawings and sculptures.  The tapping of pencils and swirling of paintbrushes is all you can hear under the low chattering of students. This is an everyday environment for senior art student, Jada Lee Wilson.

“From an early age I’ve wanted to know different ways to communicate with people and express myself,” Wilson said. “I was always a quiet child who didn’t really like a lot of things. The one thing I did like that was very loud to people was my art.”

For a student so artistically inclined as Wilson, it is likely that she is going to continue doing art throughout her life.

“I do plan to do it a lot in the future,” Wilson said. “Even though I don’t plan on doing it professionally, it’s one of my best hobbies and I love to do it so much.”

Wilson believes she owes a lot of her talent to the education she got in high school.

“I definitely feel like I learned so much,” Wilson said. “Mr. Sandoval is such a great teacher, and he always pushes you to find yourself in your art.”