Dedicated to Dancing

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Dedicated to Dancing

Lela Eggen, Reporter

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Freshman Chloe Rodriguez is new to the topcats team, but she has already had a great experience. She has made great friends, learned new things, and made tons of memories.

“Being a topcat has positively impacted my life; it taught me to be more confident,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez has always loved dancing. Being a topcat has allowed her to be herself and showcase who she is, but sometimes being new to a big team can be challenging. Hours of togetherness has helped her overcome that obstacle.

“We talk and talk, so that’s how we get to know each other,” she said. ”Also, throughout the time we’re with each other, we get more and more comfortable.”

Being confident and comfortable on her new team helped Rodriguez learn many dance routines. She practices six days a week.

“My favorite was a dance montage where we were dressed up as tacky tourists and it was also a father- daughter dance too,” Rodriguez said. “It was very funny and an enjoyable dance.”

Rodriguez describes being a topcat as a wonderful experience.

“It’s a lot of hard work, but I will totally do it next year,” Rodriguez said.