It’s Not Cool To Juul In School


Drawn by Stormy Drillen

ClaraGrace Pavelka, Managing Editor

The juul, an electronic cigarette, has replaced the days of ash trays and dense cigarette smoke with new scents ranging from sweet to none at all. The juul was created in 2017 by Pax Labs with an iconic design meant to catch teenagers’ attention. It resembles a flash drive and charges in an USB port commonly found in computers. Since the juul’s creation, students throughout America, including some at CHS, have tested and now use this tech-savvy cigarette.

Since the juul does not look like a cigarette, some students believe it will not have the same affects. However, what students forget is that a juul is still labeled as a cigarette, and smoking a Juul in school is definitely not cool.

During the 80’s, popularity was given to those who did drugs. In the 90’s it was alcohol. Now, it is a sleek electronic cigarette. Smoking a juul among today’s teens seems to be a cry for attention. To smoke a Juul is the right of passage to popularity and swagger, so students smoke at school to achieve that title. Also, students say that juuling in school and in front of classmates proves their ability to be rebellious and edgy. Students need to realize that smoking might be a trend, but above all juuling in school is illegal.

Currently, teenagers have to be 18 to buy a juul from places like Stripes convenience stores, and the majority of students in high school are under 18, so why do students even own a juul? Most are obtaining them illegally. Also, according to the CHS Handbook, nicotine is considered an illegal substance on campus. Therefore, juuling on the school campus is illegal and can lead to I.S.S. or D.A.E.P.

Not only is juuling against school policy, it also sets a bad example for the underclassmen. Students mainly get caught juuling in the bathrooms, which is a common area that all students visit. Underclassmen may see an upperclassman juuling, and desperate to fit in, they follow the upperclassman’s lead.

Because the trend of vaping is so new, scientist are unaware of all of the affects it has on student’s bodies. At the moment, all scientist know about the effects of vaping is it delivers a lower dose of nicotine. When cigarettes first came out, people including medical personnel smoked them without seeing harmful effects. Now, after decades of testing, the medical field has discovered the brutal health affects they have. Students who juul need to realize the uncertainty of what the affects actually are.

Although some students believe that juuling is a cleaner alternative than smoking cigarettes, the habit of juuling can easily lead them into more addictive and harmful drugs. According to the National Institute of Health, nicotine makes the brain more susceptible to cocaine, so staying away from juuling can actually save students from more extreme addictions.

Moreover, teens need to stop juuling in schools. Juuling in school will lead to disciplinary actions against the student, and more importantly, it can cause health issues.