Powerlifting Season Starts Full Force

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Powerlifting Season Starts Full Force

Samantha Zentz, Reporter

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The powerlifting season is underway and their next meet will be Feb. 10 at Flour Bluff.

At their last meet on Feb. 3, the boys placed 1st out of 10 teams and the girls placed 4th.

Powerlifting coach Charles Smithey is excited for his team to get their placements in the next couple of UIL meets.

“I would like to have multiple athletes receive medals at the Regional and State Meets,” Smithey said.

Senior Cristian Alvarado initially joined powerlifting as a freshman to gain weight for football, but his motivations have changed now.

“I wasn’t really focused on placing to begin with,” Alvarado said. “I like powerlifting now because it makes my mom and my grandparents happy when they get to come see me at the meets.”

The lifters have been preparing for months and are ready for their hard work to pay off.

“We start formal workouts in November and begin competing the second week of January,” Smithey said. “Athletes are encouraged to go to summer workouts to continue to gain strength during the offseason.”

Lifters on the team practice an average of eight hours per single week.

“On Mondays we focus on squats, Tuesday bench press, and Thursday deadlifts,” Smithey said. “We also work in auxiliary work to help protect muscles and create benefits for other sports.”

Coach Smithey has high hopes for this season and continues to cheer on his team.

“I’m looking forward to watching some of our veteran lifters accomplish their goals, set personal records, and develop friendships that will last a lifetime,” Smithey said.