Swinging Into a New Season

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Swinging Into a New Season

Jaelyn Zapata, Reporter

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Varsity baseball will play King at Whataburger Field on Feb. 19. Boys varsity baseball will also have a scrimmage on Feb. 16.

The team is focused on earning a win against King. According to Coach Daniel Zapata, players will need to continue to show up to practice and improve every day.

“Every player needs to be out there working hard and concentrating on their weaknesses to improve and be a well-rounded player,” Zapata said.

Senior Justin Quinn, like the rest of his teammates, puts an extensive amount of hours into practicing drills each week.

“Our coaches push us to do our best all the time,” Quinn said. “So, you don’t really have time for anything besides baseball.”

Physical preparation is important, but mental focus is also needed. Quinn listens to music and likes to read the bible to get in the right mindset, and teammate Colton Duff envisions future games.

“I mentally prepare myself and think about what I have to do in each situation,” Duff said.

For baseball players like Quinn and Duff, a win is more than just a number on a scoreboard; it is a stepping stone for their future baseball careers. They have already signed to play college ball, and they’re determined to make this season at CHS a successful one.