Living Tennis as a Lifestyle

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Living Tennis as a Lifestyle

Hannah Morris, Reporter

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Whack! The sound of the racket meeting the ball is all she can hear as her heart races with anticipation as she looks to her mom sitting in the stands. All of her hard work has led to this moment.

This is a normal match for varsity freshmen Jenna Carr.

“I can’t remember my life without tennis,” Carr said. “I don’t really know what attracted me to it, but I’ve just loved it for so long.”

Carr has played tennis since before the seventh grade.

“I was determined to be the best and wasn’t going to let anyone get in my way,” Carr said. “Then I got sick of it and quit because of always being so overwhelmed and pressured. After a few years, though, I missed it, so now I play to have fun.”

Although having played for several years, Carr feels that being on the varsity team isn’t much different than the other teams she has played on.

“My teammates treat me just as they would anyone else,” Carr said.

Outside of playing tennis for school, Carr participates in a league to get extra practice.

“I started playing in order to get more experience and get better,” Carr said. “My practices are after school in town, so I really have to make sure I have everything on track.”

With her busy tennis schedule, it takes planning for Carr to juggle her sports career and school.

“I usually get all my stuff together the night before,” Carr said. “I go to sleep, wake up, then go to school. After that, I have practice in town for a few hours. When I finally get home, I usually have a lot of homework to do. Then I go to sleep and repeat.”

Since putting so much work into her sport, Carr has considered to continue playing after high school.

“Doing tennis in college is really big,” Carr said. “For tennis they pull people from many different countries. You’re not just playing people from the United States but globally to get a spot, so you really have to work hard to get to the next level.”

Carr’s mom is definitely her number one fan.

“She comes to all of my practices and matches and really encourages me to do my best.”