Ladycat Basketball Dribbling to Playoffs

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Ladycat Basketball Dribbling to Playoffs

Ashlee Burns, Editor in Chief

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Shooting hoops and swishing nets, the Ladycat basketball season moves toward district matches as the girls play their next few games before February’s playoff games.

The girls put in hours when it comes to practicing during and after school. The team practices everyday during the athletic period and an additional four days a week outside of school hours.

“As a coach, my job is to teach them the X’s and O’s, or defense and offense, to put them in a position to be successful and get them to play as one – as a team,” Oden said.

The team has made great progress over the season, according to Oden.

“We’re doing quite well this year,” Oden said. “[The team’s] execution and basketball IQ has really grown since we started.”

For senior Daniella Serna, this team is more than just a team.

“This team is my family,” Serna said. “We’ve all changed over the years. But I’ve changed a lot. I’ve learned to rely on my teammates no matter what.”