It’s in Their Hearts to Keep Yours Beating


Jaelyn Zapata, Reporter

Every Wednesday, Health Occupations Student of America (HOSA) members meet after school to learn leadership and clinical skills to prepare them for rotations.

“HOSA members will learn useful clinical skills to further their knowledge of the medical field, compete in competitions, and interact with students that share the same interests as them,” Vice President Ashley Halcom said.

At the beginning of the year HOSA invites students who are interested in the medical field.

“Students can join by going to Wednesday meetings and signing up, and also paying dues,” Principles of Health Science teacher Mrs. Diana Long said.

Going to the meetings allows students to learn more about the medical field, have a better direction in life, and hopefully get good scholarships.

“In the 4 years I’ve been in HOSA, I have learned to interact with people in my field of interest, multiple clinical skills, and how to lead my organization,” Halcom said.

HOSA members also participate in a huge fundraiser throughout the year.

“Popcorn sale money goes to HOSA competitions to pay for the uniforms that range to about 600 to 700 dollars for each uniform,” Long said.