Is the Library a Lost Cause?


Hannah Morris, Reporter

The library has always been a place students have relied on for gathering information and resources. However, students in today’s world of advanced technology question if information gathered from cell phones and computers is replacing the need for a traditional library.

Even though certain technology is changing the face of the library, to have one is still a necessity.

Many students feel that the library is their only place for peace and quiet. No matter what technology comes into the library, it will always be a liberating place for students to read for leisure and get work done, according to student Regina Soliz. In fact, librarian Leslie Lynes feels the library is the place enhanced by technology. Besides coming to the library just to read books, students can benefit from the 3-D printing, the Z-space, and other technological advances added to the library.

Students opposed to visiting the library believe that resources are much easier to access from a cell phone or tablet rather than sorting through books. However, the library actually has more information available on their computers and databases than what students have on their mobile devices.

In order to bring more students to the library, Ms. Lynes would like more classes to utilize the library. The teachers and staff must collaborate in order to make that happen.