Give Blood, Save Lives


Ashlee Burns, Editor in Chief

The Coastal Bend Blood Center will be holding a blood drive Wednesday, September 13 from 9 am to 4 pm. All student donors will be entered for a chance to win an Apple iPad.

Blood banks are in constant need of every blood type to be able to supply in case of emergencies, according to nurse Kimberly Smith in a previous interview. For every unit of blood collected, 3 lives can be saved.

Senior Jade Lee is no newcomer to donating blood and sheds light on the process.

“First they jab you after cleaning it, and then you squeeze a ball,” Lee said. “It didn’t hurt and they make sure you’re okay during the whole thing. I’d definitely recommend [trying] it.”

As a part of the Red Cord Heroes program, seniors who donate 3 times, or have 5 people donate in their name, will earn a red cord for graduation. Students don’t have to donate only at school blood drives to earn their cords.

“It would be really cool to graduate with a cord for helping to save lives,” Lee said.