Semester Exams Around the Corner

Semester Exams Around the Corner

Ashlee Burns, Managing Editor

Semester exams are approaching as the school year comes to a close. Students who meet the grade and attendance requirements in each class are eligible for exemption from their semester exams.

Absences are counted by individual periods, not days, and grades are based off of yearly averages. To qualify for exemption, students making a 90 or higher need less than six absences, students making an 80 need less than five absences, and students making a 70 need less than four absences.

“I think that [semester exams] prepare you for on that you need to be able to remember stuff you did earlier in the year,” junior Dylan Hofstetter said. “I feel that [exemption] benefits most people. They encourage people to get better grades or stay in school for more days.”

Students exempt from taking semester exams are still required to attend school on the days of the exams, and those who fail to attend will lose exempt status and earn a zero for each exam missed.

“The exemption incentive gives students a good reason to stay in school and keep up grades,” senior Matt Benavidaz said.