Student Selected for Trip to Japan


Diego Diaz (maroon) stands with other Sister Cities Ambassadors.

Ashlee Burns, Managing Editor

Diego Diaz, a junior, has been selected to represent not only the school but the entire city as ambassador to the Sister Cities Program. This summer, Diaz will spend a couple weeks in Yokosuka, Japan, and return home with a student from the same country.

Sister Cities is an international program designed by President Dwight Eisenhower to create a hub of peace and foster bonds between people of different cities around the world. Diaz discovered the Sister Cities program through his sister.

“A few years ago my sister found out about the program, and she was selected,” Diaz said. “She went to Agen, France, and ever since then I’ve contemplated signing up for the program and which country I was going to.”

Through this program, Diaz and the fellow student will be given the opportunity to celebrate and appreciate their very different cultures.

“I expect to be in a brand new world,” Diaz said. “New people, new sounds, new foods- I can’t wait for the new foods.”

Diaz is also excited to bring a Japanese student to Corpus Christi, where they will participate in a series of cultural events.

“Everything in Texas is so different than Japan,” Diaz said. “I can’t wait till I see the student’s face when he/she sees the vast Texas plains instead of the densely populated Japanese mountains.”