Livestock Show is Back!


Ashlee Burns, Managing Editor

The 82nd annual Nueces County Junior Livestock show is around the corner, promoting the work in agriculture, homemaking, and industry to the Nueces County youth as it does every year through it’s many events.

After receiving plenty of negative attention last year due to the nine positive drug testing urine samples collected from youth market animal projects, the Nueces County Junior Livestock Show has since released a statement on it’s website  defending the youth exhibitors and assuring the show will reconsider it’s 4H and FFA programs.

“Our drug testing received a lot of negative attention, but the positives were minimal,” Nueces County 4H extension agent Kyle McManus said. “Even though it was not that serious, we teach the kids about medications and shots, and how to read [medication] labels and pay better attention to their animals.”

Quality Counts portion of the 4-H and FFA program curriculum, which was added over 10 years ago,  has stressed to the youth the importance of caring for animal projects correctly and established qualities such as responsibility, trustworthiness, and respect.

“We’ve recently included a youth livestock symposium, where experts came to teach students about safely using medications to care for their animals, so that [the animals] aren’t tested positive for drugs,” McManus said. “Students are now required by the county to watch the recorded module and take a test. It’s been a very good program.”

According to McManus, the show uses great projects to build great kids that will have the real-life skills required to succeed.

“Yes, they’re learning the skills to raise animals, but they’re learning skills that will really help them succeed in everyday life,” McManus said. “These skills are going to help them whether it’s in money management, time management, or being productive in college and in their jobs.”

The majority of the show’s events will take place at the Richard M. Borchard Fairgrounds, starting January 9th and until January 22nd.


Nueces County Livestock Show schedule: NCJLS Schedule 2017