Manufacturing Class Visits PPC Powder Coatings Company


Calallen students and teacher

Ashlee Burns, Managing Editor

Manufacturing students have recently received equipment to begin powder coating, a dry finishing process in which an object is coated in powder and heated at high temperatures to form a protective finish that is resistant to wear and tear. Students made their way to Protective Powder Coatings (PPC), LLC on McCambell Road to learn more about the powder coating process.

PPC has not only allowed the students to experience the professional powder coating process first hand, but has generously provided help and advice for using the powder coating process within the classroom. Owner Paul Krivoy and shop manager Raul Villarreal led the students’ tour around the powder coating facility and demonstrated the process.

“It was cool to see what they were doing out there,” senior Jacob Miller said. “It was a little different than what we do in the class.”

The tour provided the students with the opportunity to expand in powder coating by demonstrating skills used within a professional workplace.

“This was a good trip for students to observe an actual production shop,” CTE instructor Bruce Jonason said. “We have the [equipment] to apply the powder coating, and this was an instructional trip to help us meet that end. They’ve also provided the details as to what we need to do in each stage.”

Protective Powder Coatings, according to Jonason, has provided instruction on the class’ new powder coating equipment and has given a large amount of powder to the class that otherwise could have been very expensive for the school. PPC is also in the process of helping the class upgrade some of its equipment.

“They are working on a project to get us a very good deal on a very expensive powder coating gun,” Jonason said. “They’re helping us to negotiate a $6,000 piece of equipment.”

The company will also be providing another field trip for manufacturing students currently working with CNC machinery.

“This outfit also has a machine shop, where they will be giving a different group of our students a tour to show them their CNC equipment,” Jonason said.