LyondellBasell Gives to Manufacturing and Mechanic Classes


Ashlee Burns, Managing Editor

LyondellBasell, a major plastic, chemical, and refining company located down Mackenzie road, has recently given a $6,000 grant to improve Calallen High School’s manufacturing and mechanics class. The company has presented the district with a grant every year for the past four years.

The funds given have provided CHS with state of the art Computer Numeric Control (CNC) equipment, including a laser, router and plasma cutters, all of which have expanded students’ experience and knowledge in Manufacturing and AG Mechanics.

“Any given year, we can say that we have about 150 kids using this equipment,” CTE teacher Bruce Jonason said. “We thank [LyondellBasell] for supporting Calallen not just once, but repeatedly. Every year they are helping us.”

Students are now capable of designing and producing items that could not previously be created within the classroom.

“We’re making a variety of items with the laser including custom designed plaques, bottles, artwork and custom designed woodwork. This could not possibly be done without this equipment,” Jonason said. “The class is now cutting wood designs with the CNC router, and nearly all of our steel fabrications are custom designed and cut with the plasma cutter.”

According to Corpus Christi site manager Randy Tatum, LyondellBasell gives grants to several schools, including Calallen, to aid in developing the younger talent in the area for the future.

“It just provides resources and tools for the schools so that the students can get trained,” Tatum said. “It provides an opportunity for students to develop the skills needed in the industry.”

Not only has the company  provided Calallen with grants, but has also helped in setting up shops and gathering materials. LyondellBasell has even sent skilled technicians to help in the classroom, in previous years.

“We’re very strong believers in the education of the youth, especially in the area we operate in,” Tatum said. “We’re happy to help.”